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woods, water, fish and game, family, friends - and relax!

Call us old fashioned, 
call us Neanderthals, 
call us what you want, 
but you'll have to call us on the 

At Bradford Camps we understand your busy life; your need for instant communication when you are at your job or at home, connecting with your family, friends and business associates.  But when you are on vacation it is important to leave that blackberry in the bottom of the bag, and enjoy the...

Bradford Camps is unique in that that cell phones don't work here. Wi fi is not a part of camp life, and electronic games are not a part of the lodge or campyard.  If a child (or the child within) needs to watch or play something which buzzes and beeps from a flat screen, the cozy confines of your cabin are the perfect place.  That way, others won't have to be a part of your private entertainment.

​That being said, we do have a recharge station for photo thingys.  AC power is available during generator hours, 6:30 am - 7:30 pm.  Our computer can receive and print emergency communications for you during your stay.  Continuous connection is not available.  We understand that THIS is what our guests want.


Disconnect and relax. No Internet. No Cell Phone.