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We are on Maine's pristine Munsungun Lake (four miles long, 123 feet deep) which is our primary fishing water for landlocked salmon and lake trout.  We have some of the best landlocked salmon fishing in Maine.  If wild fish are what you are after, we have the native salmon for you!  They fight hard, and are very plentiful.  Generally trolling is the best method for catching these fish, although they can come to the surface for various hatches throughout the year, especially in the evening.  So spend the day roaming the waters deep, then bring out the fly rod after supper!

 Munsungun Lake is one of the top Five Waters for Landlocked Salmon and the Top Ten Waters for Brook Trout  (articles on this site: wild trout,  landlocked salmon).  Some of Maine's best land locked salmon fishing is at ice-out - the first week in May.  Salmon trolling smelt and smelt patterns can bring 20-30 fish to the boat a day.  Sizes average from 15 to 22 inches and larger, with weights up to four pounds or more.

Maine Fishing Guides will help you with all tackle, boat operation, and where to find the fish and how.  Or you can rent a boat and strike out on your own.  We will all be glad to help you find fish and catch them, and we will even prepare your fish for a side course at dinner.  Our smoker is always ready for service.  There is nothing like a fresh smoked salmon or lake trout to go along with that pre-dinner cocktail!