Please call or email us to find out about Bluffer Pond and Reed Pond cabin rentals.  They are great places to get away from it all, and do all your own cooking, and not see anyone....  Cost is very reasonable also - $70 pp per night, plus taxes. Both cabins are fly in access only.  The cost for the fly-in is $120 pp rt.  Bluffer Pond can be accessed by foot over a rough & wet trail of about a half mile.  Neither cabin has ANY vehicle access (not 4wd, not atv, not nuttin!), nor do they have cell phone coverage.

Please call for particulars.

Again, BOTH CABINS ARE FLY-IN OR HIKE IN ONLY!!  No drive in access at all, no ATVS, no horses, no mountain bikes,  etc etc....

Some brief notes about Reed Pond (and most of this applies to Bluffer also, as noted).


**The two cabins on Reed are simple and here is the description:
**The bigger Reed cabin has a kitchen with counter, dry sink, all kitchenware, gas stove.
**Each cabin at Reed has a bunk bed and a twin bed.  So each cabin sleeps three.  Each cabin has at least one gas light.
**There is an outhouse.
**There is a dock, canoes, paddles and life jackets.   (Only one canoe at Bluffer)
**There will be 10 gals of drinking water, your washing and cooking water should come from the lake.  Its very good water.
**I can leave a cooler with ice if you remind me a few days before hand.
**Bluffer Pond has just one cabin with three bunks and kitchen.
**You need to bring your own fishing gear, food, coolers, sleeping bags, pillow cases, personal items, etc. 
**Your cell phone will not work (neither Reed nor Bluffer).
**There is a radio back to camp(at Reed only) but it is not 100% reliable at all.If you are worried about emergencies you could consider buying a SPOT transceiver.  There is no radio at Bluffer.


(207) 746-7777