Maine Hunting - Deer | Bear | Moose | Grouse

Bradford Camps offers excellent hunts in Maine for deer, bear, moose and grouse.  Our remote North Maine Woods location is a part of the reason.  The whitetail deer, bear and moose that we hunt are truly wild, in their own habitat; we are fifty miles from the nearest town or paved road.  We have endless ridges to track deer.  We are surrounded by numerous waterways and bogs for hunting Maine moose. We lease 70,000 exclusive acres for our 35 Maine black bear stands over bait.  The 3 million acre North Maine Woods is riddled with old grown up logging roads for small game hunting like Maine grouse (partridge) and Maine woodcock hunting, and the occasional snowshoe hare.  For all our wild game, it is ideal country to hunt in.

Specifically we have Maine black bear hunting, grouse hunting, Maine deer hunting, and if you are lucky enough to draw a permit, Maine moose hunting.  We provide Maine guides, private waterfront lodging (full baths), and all meals included.  Licenses are available (please bring a hunter safety card, or previous hunting license from any state).

This is big woods hunting.  You will most likely not see anyone else out there when you are hunting Maine bear, moose, or deer, and you should think seriously about a Bradford Camps registered Maine guide.  If you prefer not to have a Maine guided hunt, that's ok.  In that case you should be comfortable with a map and compass, even if you have a GPS.  

You will have the comforts of a traditional Maine hunting lodge serving all meals with your own private waterfront hunting cabin.  We pay attention to every detail.

Because of its remote location in the center of the North Maine Woods, Bradford Camps on Munsungan Lake offers a truly pure Maine hunting experience. The game is wild - unaccustomed to roads, vehicles, houses and farmland. We consider our hunts to be 'old style' where hunting success is dependent on the hunter's skill not only with firearm or bow, but with map and compass, tracking game and anticipation and recognition of deer, bear and moose movement.


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