The Bradford Camps are the only camps on Munsungan Lake.  We are fifty miles of dirt roads away from the nearest town, or year round residence.  WE ARE IN REMOTE and WILD MAINE!  Our lake has land locked salmon, Lake trout, and brook trout.  Trolling and fly fishing are the primary methods.  We are surrounded by numerous ponds holding trophy wild brook trout.  There are three primary river systems available to us: the Allagash, Aroostook, and Penobscot Rivers, plus many tributaries all offering great brook trout fishing in moving water.

Prime seasons are May through June, and anytime in September.  July and August are generally considered slower months for fishing, but the fish are here, and with effort, knowledge, and perhaps a Maine guide, you will catch some great fish.

We are not a catch and release camp.  Salmon and lake trout on Munsungan are a great addition to any of our delicious meals.  We will smoke your catch, or sear it on the grill and present it to your dining table.  Some of our wild trout ponds are protected by voluntary release efforts, and more stringent state regulations also apply.


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