Bradford camps is a great place for a Maine vacation.  Whether you are looking for a family vacation, a remote Maine waterfront cabin, or if you are a single person looking for a Maine getaway, our twelve miles of shoreline without another cabin will make for a perfect, quiet, relaxing Maine vacation.  Bradford Camps is located in the fabled North Maine Woods; we are surrounded by over 3 million acres of remote forestland.  The nearest paved road is about 50 miles away, your cell phone won't have any reception, and we take care of all the cooking and dishes!

While on this splendid Maine vacation you can roam the woods on our hiking paths, canoe or kayak the lake, take a picnic, play with the kids outside on the lawn, hire a guide for a day of wildlife watching, or learn how to fly fish, use the rifle range and clays course, check out the Allagash river, go on a scenic floatplane ride, learn map and compass orienteering, or how about a rocking chair, sunglasses, and that book you have been meaning to read?

Your cell phone won't work, your computer won't work, and you will not need or even see your car.  So how good does that sound?

We have beaches, porches, a large lawn, canoes, kayaks, hiking trails......swimming, lodge lounging, and waiting for the next delicious meal to come your way!

Maine Family Vacations


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