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Key features of our Maine bear hunt includes:

-Bradford's bear hunt Maine is limited to the first and best two weeks. Both weeks offer the best of 41 stands, the second week has cooler weather to trigger feeding and bring bears in more regularly.

-We have 70,000 acres of land to operate the guided bear hunt and there are no other bear hunters on our hunting land. We have 41 stations which means a huge amount of territory for each site and often more than one bear visiting each site.

-We limit the number of bear hunters to fifteen during each week so there are always extra stands for hunters. We continue baiting all active stands through the week.

-There are no more than five hunters to a Maine bear guide and guides provide all transportation and skinning.

-Your stand is lottery drawn at camp so you are assured that everyone has an equal chance for any bear stand. Bow hunters are the exception in that their stands are discussed well before the hunt and designed according to personal preference. Hunters may also bring their own tree stands if they prefer.

-The same person baits all of the sites so the regularity of his scent at the site is not disturbed by other people's scents. Most of the Maine bear stands are high quality manufactured stands.  They are comfortable and blend into their surroundings well. For bow hunters and handgun hunters who prefer a closer stand and specific left or right hand shots, stands are prepared accordingly as the baiting is started.

-The price includes six nights and five days of hunting, arrival Sunday, departure Saturday.

-As we all know, there are no guarantees for a trophy black bear. However, it is guaranteedthat you will be given an active stand that is being hit at least once a day or every other day and that your hunt will be treated with our utmost diligence to assure your success.

Maine Bear Hunting

Most seasons we provide 100% opportunity for all bear hunters.
Average size runs from 150# to 300#.  450# bear and up are possible.
We did not lose a wounded bear in 2001, 2002, 2006 and 2009, 2010, 2011
Our retrieval rate in Maine is extremely high, as of 2011 end, 37 in a row retrieved!

We offer Maine black bear hunts starting the last Sunday in August. We have exclusive Maine bear bait hunting rights to 70,000 acres, limit the number of people on the bear hunt to 15 each week, and always have extra stands available that are active. We cater to rifle, bow and handgun black bear hunting.  This is a completely guided bear hunt, all inclusive:  License, tags, guides, meals, lodging, even the tax is included.  Success rates will vary from a low of 50% to a high of 100%; a lot depends on the weather and the natural feed available to the bear.  Our year averages are substantially better than the average for bear hunts in Maine, meaning we are always above the Maine hunting average. The hunt is fully guided with a maximum of five hunters per guide and we limit our bear hunt to just two weeks in the season. This means that our Maine bear hunts are guaranteed an active stand site and that the best stands are always available. References are available for what many know is the best Maine bear hunt in the eastern U.S.