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Karen and Igor have been together in Maine since 1985.  Karen grew up in Rocky River, Ohio near Cleveland.  A Midwesterner!  After graduation from Kenyon college she moved to Boston to start a career in advertising.  She moved up in the clothing industry working for CB Sports in Vermont and then Mast Industries in Massachusetts.  There she coordinated overseas production of clothing for the Limited, Abercrombie and Fitch, and other retailers.  This involved numerous trips each year to Hong Kong and Korea.

Igor grew up in  the Simsbury, Connecticut area and spent summers at Cobb's Pierce Pond Camps in western Maine.  There began his love of the northern Maine woods which he quickly began to share with Karen in their early years together.  After college he took to the road for a few years in the construction industry, working for Wood Structures in Saco, Maine.  During their early years together, they hiked Katahdin, explored the Allagash region, and traveled throughout the woods of Maine exploring and enjoying its wonders.  Other trips included Switzerland, Italy, Canada, and Mexico.

Throughout their lives together they have enjoyed fishing, hunting, and outdoor living.  Also they have enjoyed having friends over for weekends and showing them the great state of Maine.  It seemed to them they had the perfect formula for running a sporting camp.

In 1992 they both decided that it might just be possible to create a life in the woods together.  They started looking at sporting camps and Bradford Camps happened to be the second camp they visited.  Igor's expression at the time was "This is so perfect that it could never happen!  Life just is not that lucky!"  Well, four years later, and many visits to other camps that just did not match up, a deal was reached between Karen and Igor and the previous owners.  The dream was becoming realized.

So now we spend seven months of the year on Munsungun Lake and rest of the year "down south" in Kittery, Maine.  During the summer we are busy!  During the winter we stay in  touch with guests, visit the camps for winter projects like ice cutting, visit family that we don't get to see during the summer, and maybe even relax a little.  We are both supremely grateful to be able to lead this life and look forward to sharing it with you.