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Slideshow and Scrapbook of 2019


2018 marked a milestone for our restoration effort at Reed Pond.  A number of Bluebacks were caught on flies during the season, and yours truly had his share of luck also on the last day of the season! 

This restoration project was the result of many years of volunteer efforts - and donated dollars - from our Bradford Community, plus countless hours of hard work, endless paperwork, and devotion by our biologist Frank Frost, and a significant amount of donated services from Karen and me personally.  We are so glad for this success; everyone who contributed should be very happy for Reed Pond!


News from 2018

"We are very much afloat, 

we're just not in the mainstream!"


Last year we made some improvements to the camps that you may have noticed: we rebuilt the water tower (improving water pressure), we built the airplane dock, our lake boats got an upgrade paint job, and we finished the wash house addition for Hannah and our waitstaff.  Regular maintenance was constant as we continue to keep the hardware, some of it quite ancient, running in tip-top spit-spot condition. 

For 2019 there are no big projects in store except for that big elephant in the room - which is the floor in the kitchen.  That will be refinished this summer.  The ongoing maintenance will continue.  We purchased all new Honda outboard motors this year.  That was a big investment, but we want to make sure that your time on the lake is spent fishing, not pulling a starter chord!


My grandfather was born in 1889, before the airplane was considered possible.  He lived to become friends with Niel Armstrong after he walked on the moon.  Igor's life encompassed the most thrilling era of aviation and he was a principal part of it throughout his life.

This year's weekend will be on July 5,6,7, please join us!    There are new slides,  new books in print,  and I have rewritten the presentation.  Its the same great story of my grandfather,  with new material shown in a different way to help portray the character of this incredible man during a fascinating time in history.  Cost is  $469 per person for meals, lodging, slideshow, and a floatplane ride around Munsungan.

We Have Had a Ball....

...this winter.  It was a very busy season in 2018 and we needed to go have some fun.  Karen and I had three wildly fun and inrteresting trips: 

   Steamboat Springs for fun and games and skiing with our friends Chuck and Suzie Mann,

    Puerto Rico where we saw Lin Manuel Miranda perform HAMILTON (twice!  HA!),

    Portugal which is a wonderful, delicious, friendly, and wonderfully enigmatic place. 

Igor received his Instrument Flight Rating this winter!

We also saw some great music, caught up with parent and sibling visits, caught a Red Sox Game (and met Joe Castiglione!), and frolicked with friends all along.



People nights (average) at Bradford per year

including staff = 2400

  Gallons of carbon based liquid fuel used used

(gasoline,  propane, diesel, aviation) = 5800

  Net use = 2.4 gallons per person per day



In the future there will be more we can do, like solar energy or perhaps hydro power out of Norway Brook.  Eventually that will come either by us or a future owner.  We look at energy options every few years and it still is too high of a financial and logistical hurdle for our small company.  There are significant infrastructure changes that would have to happen.   But, for a start, it is good to understand what we all use up here.  And if you think about it, most of our resource use up here is actually passive.... Like sitting in the red chairs and enjoying the scenery.  THAT is a great use of natural resources!


What a great year last year!  It was our busiest year ever,  and we enjoyed having every one of you visit up north.... 

Our fishing on Munsungan Lake was very good,  still lots of salmon and lake trout to catch,  and we are harvesting them and keeping the smoker very busy.  The outlying ponds were good as well for wild brook trout on the fly.  Moving water was a shorter lived season,  due to the dry June and hot weather.  This hurt the fish on those waters - it was tough on the ponds that are not as deep.  However as a result the black flies were held at bay and the July warm days made for some awesome porch lounging and great swims across the lake.

Our bear hunting season was very successful with everyone who stayed their full week having a good opportunity,.  Ten bear tagged overall.  We also tagged two good moose, one was with a trifecta of Collins's:  Our guide Josh was with his dad and his grandfather for a week in September and they shot a nice bull on day three.  Our bird hunting season has grown over the years and the grouse numbers have never looked better.  We look forward to having all of our hunters back this fall!

In short,  it was a GREAT year,  we had the best people working for us:  Chad, Tiffany, Hannah, Tom, Josh, Dave, TJ, Lewis, Danny, Mark,  Kevin, Sean and Tamia!!

We had the best guests, vacationers, friends that came to visit.  Thank you all for making this place the wonder that it is.  The pile of logs that make up the lodge and cabins have something to do with it. 

But its the people that make Munsungan a home for us all.

Our Part in Global Warming

We are trying all the time to keep our costs down as well as keep our emissions down.  We maintain our generators in tip top shape,  and we operate very efficient Honda 4-stroke outboard motors, and generally try to keep things energy efficient.  Global warming IS the world's biggest problem in this century,  and we all need to do something to help.  I was interested in what our impact is right now, so here is a baseline: 

Trip Advisor


Arrival January 10, 2019  and we rode out a 24" blizzard!   Snowsleds were stuck, keg taps were frozen, but we were undeterred.  12 tons were put up and await your parched palates!  Free Shoveling Society has struck again!!

Give it up for Pete, Chas, Larry, Richard, Charley, Doug, Brooks, and Josh!!  Frosty beverages await your return to Munsungun!


Over the years there have been many proposals and honeymoons and Declarations of Devotion at Bradford Camps.  There have been two proposals at Reed Pond in the past.  Last year there occurred a proposal on Munsungan Ridge, a honeymoon at Reed Pond, and this year there will be a WEDDING at Munsungan!!

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