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Our remote location in Northern Maine on the pristine shores of Munsungun Lake is truly beyond description.  The traditional waterfront log cabins, sporting camp lodge, and pristine lake are a rare occurrence these days.

We are on the secluded shores of Munsungun Lake in Northern Maine (four miles long, 123 feet deep) and there are no other cabins on the thirteen miles of shoreline.  To the northeast is Norway Bluff, 2300', the peak is at tree line for our area.  The mountain contains a silica rock called chert, which the aboriginal Abenakis Nation used for their arrowhead material.  Across Munsungan to the southwest is 1500' Munsungun Ridge with spectacular views from numerous ledges at the top.

BIG PICTURE:  The northwestern quarter of Maine is the area we call the North Maine Woods.  It is 3.5 million acres, traversed by the occasional logging road, and actively managed for forestry products.  We are in the center, at the headwaters of the Allagash, Penobscot, and Aroostook watersheds.  There is a nearby Old Growth Forest where we have an Outpost Camp; a wonderful place for hiking.

We are 50 miles away from the nearest town, paved road, power line and cell signal.  Put your electronics away for a while, and get to know your family, your buddies, and yourself again.

The woods and waters around Munsungun are wild and deep.  They are home to deer, bear, moose, partridge, beaver, coyote, bobcat, fisher, eagles and ospreys,  just to name a few.  Unaccustomed to the ways of man, they are truly thriving in their natural habitat.  To see these animals in the woods around camp is to see them as they have been for millennia.



Northern Maine Location                Ridge Elevations and Lake Depths


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