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Press Release:  Aviation Digest, June 2003


Bradford Camps - Munsungun Lake,  Maine



In 1890 when Igor Sikorsky was a year old in Kiev, Russia, Will Atkins set forth in a canoe up the Aroostook River in Northern Maine looking for a location to set up a hunting and fishing lodge.  Now, some 113 years later, the helicopter has become a normal sight in the skies along with large jets and satellites, and the Bradford Camps still prospers under the guidance of Igor Sikorskyís grandson.  The camps still cater to the same die-hard fishermen and hunters as always, and nowadays also to the nature lovers and families needing a getaway.  Igor III gives a weekend seminar in July at the Bradford Camps covering the aviation careers of his grandfather spiced up with episodes and incidents that donít always make the history books.  The seminar begins with Sikorskyís first days at the throttle in 1909, unsure if his design would fly, if his plane would stay together, or if he could control it!  His large bombers in The First War paved the way for future large transport designs.  Sikorskyís amphibions in America comprised nearly all of Pan Amís early fleet.  The seminar ends with the description of the first few years of the development of the helicopter when, again, Sikorsky sat at the controls, wondering if it would fly, or if he could fly it.  Guest speakers include the sons of Sikorsky, Serge, Igor, and George Sikorsky, and a colonel from Marine One, among others.  Guests travel in their own floatplane or use the commercial bush plane services or drive.  Accommodations include a private waterfront log cabin with modern plumbing, all meals, and full use of the lodge and facilities for the weekend.  


Contact: Igor and Karen Sikorsky at 207-746-7777.  www.bradfordcamps.com


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